Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A month long Pampered Chef party! What do you know??

I thought that I would mention that I have a new eBay store. I put the link at the bottom of my first blog, but I think that I should mention it more than once. So, if you are in the market for an excellent used digital camera or you type all day for a living, and as a result you have developed hand and wrist pain.. I have an item or two that may interest you.

Here is the link:
Also, I am holding a Loooonnnggg Pampered Chef party during September that is catalog only. If you are interested in purchasing PC for someone's Christmas gift, then please consider placing your order with me! If you are an avid PC fan, then you know that their new line comes out in September each year. This year they have some ROCKING New Items! New Stainless Steel Cookware, New Simple Additions to add to your existing collection.. and on and on.. New gadgets, too!
I am trying to earn enough to get some of those items for little cost, as most party hostesses do.

As I have mentioned, I have to have surgery soon.. Surgery that is very necessary, but OH SO Unwanted. I So wish I did not have to go through this surgery again.. for a 4th time. So, to get my mind off of it, I decided to host this September party for my PC representative. She needs to raise extra money for her own personal reasons.. and I need to get my mind off of some really hard to deal with surgery. So please, won't you help a girl out here? It would make me so happy to get a huge PC party order before I go in for surgery.

As you may or may not know, PC can be shipped directly to your door. You do not have to attend a physical party. Beginning September 1, which is Saturday.. you can go to and look at the product listing for either the new or the older items, and when you see what you would like to order.. just send me an email to: and let me know where to ship it, what method of payment you would like to use, and what items you would like.

Keep in mind that I will be gathering orders for most of September. Your credit cards will not be charged until it is shipped from the factory. If you want to send money orders or checks, they will not be cashed until the party goes in for processing. There will be a wait involved, and I want to be sure that people know this up front. This is not a typical PC party where the orders go in when you actually place them.

It is late right now.. so I am gonna sign off.. and hopefully.. people will read my blog and start to comment. Maybe I will make a few friends along the way..

I really am not a bad person.. I am just going through what seems like a ton of issues these past few weeks, and I am overwhelmed with all of them coming down on me at one time.. Frustrating to say the least. Makes me want to cry for days sometimes. It is very cathartic getting it out of my system.. but I wonder if the people who are reading this think ill of me because it seems like I am ranting more often than not. Trust me, I will stop ranting once I get it all out. I promise.. I do have a sense of humor every once in a while.. :)

I hope to have a few readers one day.. Until then.. have a great night.. :)

Have you ever encountered this??

Good Morning!

As I sit here reading some of the blogs that I have discovered lately, I am amazed at the talent that some folks have for writing.

This morning has been fairly uneventful. I had a very irritating day yesterday, so I think that will be the subject of my blog today.

Have you ever had an experience with someone who claims to be a professional, only to find out that your original assessment was somewhat left of center for that so-called professional?

In my case, the professional that I went to see last week is the purpose of this blog. See, I need surgery, and my PCP sent me to a general surgeon that she "trusts". Yeah, right.. Makes me wonder.

He tells me that he will do the surgery that I need, that I just need to have my current doctor coordinate with him so that I can get the best possible care for my current issues.

So, I make an emergent appointment with my regular doctor the next day. He calls this surgeon while he is in my examination room and leaves a message for him to call him back. No return call. He leaves another message on Friday. No return call. Monday comes, he leaves another message.. still no return call.

I call the surgeon Friday and Monday, leaving messages.. No return calls to me either. Yesterday, I finally get the brilliant idea to call my PCP that referred me to this guy and ask her to call him. She does, and miraculously, he calls her back. That is when this story becomes totally ludicrous! He tells her that he never agreed to do the surgery that I need. He tells her that he does not understand where I got that from.. How can anyone misunderstand a direct statement that says "if you have your regular doctor call me and coordinate care, then I will do the surgery?"

Being that I do medical transcription for a living, I know that I heard him say that. I know that the quote above is verbatim, word for word.. Now it looks like I am the loopy one and that I misunderstood..

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Can we say UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I have to wonder about any professional that tells any of their clients one thing, and then tells a colleague a completely different other thing. Man, that chaps my butt!

**Sigh** So, now I have to start over.. I have to find another surgeon. Why don't I want to go to my regular hospital, you want to know? Mainly because that hospital is more than an hour and a half away from me now. If something should happen once I am sent home, finding an ambulance to take me back there will be MAJORLY expensive to say the least. I was hoping to go to a hospital that is close by so that if something does happen, getting to the hospital will not be as difficult to accomplish.

Yes, I am disillusioned as I write this. I have such a problem with people of any profession that say one thing and mean another. Where are the ethics in this country? Is the concept of professional integrity so far gone, that no one practices it anymore? Am I the only one in this country that will keep my word when I commit to something? I mean really.. I do take time to decide if something that is being requested of me can be done on my current schedule. I look at all the possibilities before I say yes or no. However, if I make a committment to anyone, I will keep that committment even if I later change my mind and decide that I really wish I would have said no when that person asked me to do whatever..

Where is the integrity that most of us were raised with? What happened to make it all disappear? I just want to know that. We all, as a country, need to reassess and figure out when we decided to not keep our committments and what we can do to get our professional integrity back into the core values and the core beliefs that this country was founded on.

Rant over.. Aren't you glad? :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Have you read YOUR medical record lately?

Good Afternoon!

This blogging stuff is new to me.. I think I might like it though.. :) I just have to get in the mindset to talk a lot! Which really isn't a problem for me as my future readers will find out.

Have you ever wondered what is in YOUR medical record? I am a medical transcriptionist by trade, and since I have been in this profession I decided that I wanted to see my own medical records.. What did I do that for?

I was appalled by how many errors were in those permanent records. You know, records that you cannot legally alter? If a mistake is entered into your personal medical record, you cannot have it removed. Did you know that? If a nurse or resident puts in your medical record that you are antisocial or possibly paranoid, etc.. and then they do not mention why you felt the need to act in such a way.. you are permanently thought of that way. Their motto is that past behavior is indicative of future behavior..

You can add an addendum to correct the misinformation.. but if the next doctor, nurse, or other medical personnel that reads your record happens to read the wrong information and does not pay attention to any of the corrected information, (Sadly, most of the people do not read the information that they need to read to learn your situation) your very life could be in jeopardy.

Medications that you may have taken that did not agree with you could be given to you and cause you to have an allergic reaction. If you take 60 micrograms of a medication, and the doctor mistakenly writes 600 milligrams of this medication, did you know that your health could be in danger?

I work very hard to be sure that what I transcribe is correct, yet I have absolutely no control over what the doctor says. I cannot alter what he/she dictates.

So, I am using today's blog to hopefully get the word out to everyone who is a patient now, or who has been one in the past, to check your own medical records! Make sure that what actually should be in there is there, and that the misinformation is corrected.

Your life or the lives of your family could very well depend on that. I know it is a pain to get your records, and for some it is quite costly. Yet, this is something that needs to go on your own "To Do List" Yesterday.

I asked one of my own doctors just last month if he ever actually reads the written records that he dictates, because there were so many mistakes in just ONE of his clinic visits for me that I had to wonder if he just automatically signed the paper and did not actually read it to make sure it was done right.

He is a great doctor, and he actually went through it with me, marking the errors in medications, diagnoses, and general spelling errors in it, and then he had it corrected for me and sent me the newly corrected copy.. Most doctors do not do that..

You have to be your own champion.. your children's champion, your spouse's champion, and lastly your parent's/siblings/and other family's champion. No one else will do it for you.. Don't even get me started on the HIPAA laws, either..

Thanks for reading today!

Wasting time in Wally World when I could be doing something better

I think that I was standing in Wal-Mart around 7:30 PM tonight.. talking the guy behind me, commiserating with him about how sad it was that Wal-Mart has what.. 25 cashier stations in total, not counting specific department cash registers, and on Sunday night.. with all of their store crammed with folks shopping for the new school week on Monday, they choose to only have 4 cashier-manned registers that have at least 10 carts deep in each of the 4 lines??? AND they are not opening other checkouts to accommodate the masses that are choosing to spend their hard earned money in their store??? What is wrong with THAT picture?

How sad it is that you spend more time waiting to check out that you did shopping in the freakin store! Really.. I went in that store at 6:15 PM,
had my grocery list and my I-cannot-see-anything-not-on-my-list glasses on, and I was headed for the checkout lanes by 6:45 PM. I was so proud that I did not put anything unplanned in the cart, ya know?

Anyway.. I slid my debit card through the machine at 7:51 PM.. ONE HOUR and SIX MINUTES!!!!! Can you freaking believe that, folks? I swear.. they must have had to go potty or something.. all at the same time.. After all, there HAS to be a reason why 21 of the 25 available cashier lanes were not being used.. especially with most lines having anywhere from 7 to 10 carts in the lines.. I just do not get it.. Of course, the self-checkout lanes were open, but who do you know that wants to scan their own merchandise, bag that stuff.. and have to pay a store for the priviledge? Do you all know anyone? I will go through a checkout like that if I have 2-5 items.. but a whole shopping cart? Nope.. Nada.. Not gonna happen.. Although, I remember quite vividly being a cashier in various types of stores in my youth.. and I remember what a pain in patootey it was even then..

Ya know, I sent a note to self several weeks back that told me not to go to Wally World on Sunday evening.. Self did not pay one bit of attention.. So, I wrote another note to self tonight.. Wonder if I will listen this time.. LOLOL.. Probably not.. I never do..

Ok, I decided to check out my new store and see if showed up in a Google search, and I am WAY excited to see that it shows up as the 2nd link availability when you do a search for the SoftFlex gloves.. What a RUSH that is.. I was thinking that it would not even show up at all..

Speaking of which.. I don't care for the name that I came up with.. Anybody got any ideas on what a catchy store name would be? I cannot come up with something that is catchy enough to get the attention of people.. I suppose that I should be quite happy with it showing up in the first 2 links on Google.. So, I will just shut up now.. Right.. sure I will..

I look forward to getting comments, so if you are reading this blog.. please let me know!