Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you ever encountered this??

Good Morning!

As I sit here reading some of the blogs that I have discovered lately, I am amazed at the talent that some folks have for writing.

This morning has been fairly uneventful. I had a very irritating day yesterday, so I think that will be the subject of my blog today.

Have you ever had an experience with someone who claims to be a professional, only to find out that your original assessment was somewhat left of center for that so-called professional?

In my case, the professional that I went to see last week is the purpose of this blog. See, I need surgery, and my PCP sent me to a general surgeon that she "trusts". Yeah, right.. Makes me wonder.

He tells me that he will do the surgery that I need, that I just need to have my current doctor coordinate with him so that I can get the best possible care for my current issues.

So, I make an emergent appointment with my regular doctor the next day. He calls this surgeon while he is in my examination room and leaves a message for him to call him back. No return call. He leaves another message on Friday. No return call. Monday comes, he leaves another message.. still no return call.

I call the surgeon Friday and Monday, leaving messages.. No return calls to me either. Yesterday, I finally get the brilliant idea to call my PCP that referred me to this guy and ask her to call him. She does, and miraculously, he calls her back. That is when this story becomes totally ludicrous! He tells her that he never agreed to do the surgery that I need. He tells her that he does not understand where I got that from.. How can anyone misunderstand a direct statement that says "if you have your regular doctor call me and coordinate care, then I will do the surgery?"

Being that I do medical transcription for a living, I know that I heard him say that. I know that the quote above is verbatim, word for word.. Now it looks like I am the loopy one and that I misunderstood..

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Can we say UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I have to wonder about any professional that tells any of their clients one thing, and then tells a colleague a completely different other thing. Man, that chaps my butt!

**Sigh** So, now I have to start over.. I have to find another surgeon. Why don't I want to go to my regular hospital, you want to know? Mainly because that hospital is more than an hour and a half away from me now. If something should happen once I am sent home, finding an ambulance to take me back there will be MAJORLY expensive to say the least. I was hoping to go to a hospital that is close by so that if something does happen, getting to the hospital will not be as difficult to accomplish.

Yes, I am disillusioned as I write this. I have such a problem with people of any profession that say one thing and mean another. Where are the ethics in this country? Is the concept of professional integrity so far gone, that no one practices it anymore? Am I the only one in this country that will keep my word when I commit to something? I mean really.. I do take time to decide if something that is being requested of me can be done on my current schedule. I look at all the possibilities before I say yes or no. However, if I make a committment to anyone, I will keep that committment even if I later change my mind and decide that I really wish I would have said no when that person asked me to do whatever..

Where is the integrity that most of us were raised with? What happened to make it all disappear? I just want to know that. We all, as a country, need to reassess and figure out when we decided to not keep our committments and what we can do to get our professional integrity back into the core values and the core beliefs that this country was founded on.

Rant over.. Aren't you glad? :)

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