Monday, August 27, 2007

Wasting time in Wally World when I could be doing something better

I think that I was standing in Wal-Mart around 7:30 PM tonight.. talking the guy behind me, commiserating with him about how sad it was that Wal-Mart has what.. 25 cashier stations in total, not counting specific department cash registers, and on Sunday night.. with all of their store crammed with folks shopping for the new school week on Monday, they choose to only have 4 cashier-manned registers that have at least 10 carts deep in each of the 4 lines??? AND they are not opening other checkouts to accommodate the masses that are choosing to spend their hard earned money in their store??? What is wrong with THAT picture?

How sad it is that you spend more time waiting to check out that you did shopping in the freakin store! Really.. I went in that store at 6:15 PM,
had my grocery list and my I-cannot-see-anything-not-on-my-list glasses on, and I was headed for the checkout lanes by 6:45 PM. I was so proud that I did not put anything unplanned in the cart, ya know?

Anyway.. I slid my debit card through the machine at 7:51 PM.. ONE HOUR and SIX MINUTES!!!!! Can you freaking believe that, folks? I swear.. they must have had to go potty or something.. all at the same time.. After all, there HAS to be a reason why 21 of the 25 available cashier lanes were not being used.. especially with most lines having anywhere from 7 to 10 carts in the lines.. I just do not get it.. Of course, the self-checkout lanes were open, but who do you know that wants to scan their own merchandise, bag that stuff.. and have to pay a store for the priviledge? Do you all know anyone? I will go through a checkout like that if I have 2-5 items.. but a whole shopping cart? Nope.. Nada.. Not gonna happen.. Although, I remember quite vividly being a cashier in various types of stores in my youth.. and I remember what a pain in patootey it was even then..

Ya know, I sent a note to self several weeks back that told me not to go to Wally World on Sunday evening.. Self did not pay one bit of attention.. So, I wrote another note to self tonight.. Wonder if I will listen this time.. LOLOL.. Probably not.. I never do..

Ok, I decided to check out my new store and see if showed up in a Google search, and I am WAY excited to see that it shows up as the 2nd link availability when you do a search for the SoftFlex gloves.. What a RUSH that is.. I was thinking that it would not even show up at all..

Speaking of which.. I don't care for the name that I came up with.. Anybody got any ideas on what a catchy store name would be? I cannot come up with something that is catchy enough to get the attention of people.. I suppose that I should be quite happy with it showing up in the first 2 links on Google.. So, I will just shut up now.. Right.. sure I will..

I look forward to getting comments, so if you are reading this blog.. please let me know!

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