Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A month long Pampered Chef party! What do you know??

I thought that I would mention that I have a new eBay store. I put the link at the bottom of my first blog, but I think that I should mention it more than once. So, if you are in the market for an excellent used digital camera or you type all day for a living, and as a result you have developed hand and wrist pain.. I have an item or two that may interest you.

Here is the link:
Also, I am holding a Loooonnnggg Pampered Chef party during September that is catalog only. If you are interested in purchasing PC for someone's Christmas gift, then please consider placing your order with me! If you are an avid PC fan, then you know that their new line comes out in September each year. This year they have some ROCKING New Items! New Stainless Steel Cookware, New Simple Additions to add to your existing collection.. and on and on.. New gadgets, too!
I am trying to earn enough to get some of those items for little cost, as most party hostesses do.

As I have mentioned, I have to have surgery soon.. Surgery that is very necessary, but OH SO Unwanted. I So wish I did not have to go through this surgery again.. for a 4th time. So, to get my mind off of it, I decided to host this September party for my PC representative. She needs to raise extra money for her own personal reasons.. and I need to get my mind off of some really hard to deal with surgery. So please, won't you help a girl out here? It would make me so happy to get a huge PC party order before I go in for surgery.

As you may or may not know, PC can be shipped directly to your door. You do not have to attend a physical party. Beginning September 1, which is Saturday.. you can go to and look at the product listing for either the new or the older items, and when you see what you would like to order.. just send me an email to: and let me know where to ship it, what method of payment you would like to use, and what items you would like.

Keep in mind that I will be gathering orders for most of September. Your credit cards will not be charged until it is shipped from the factory. If you want to send money orders or checks, they will not be cashed until the party goes in for processing. There will be a wait involved, and I want to be sure that people know this up front. This is not a typical PC party where the orders go in when you actually place them.

It is late right now.. so I am gonna sign off.. and hopefully.. people will read my blog and start to comment. Maybe I will make a few friends along the way..

I really am not a bad person.. I am just going through what seems like a ton of issues these past few weeks, and I am overwhelmed with all of them coming down on me at one time.. Frustrating to say the least. Makes me want to cry for days sometimes. It is very cathartic getting it out of my system.. but I wonder if the people who are reading this think ill of me because it seems like I am ranting more often than not. Trust me, I will stop ranting once I get it all out. I promise.. I do have a sense of humor every once in a while.. :)

I hope to have a few readers one day.. Until then.. have a great night.. :)

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