Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Have you listened to a good audiobook lately?

Good Morning Readers..

I hope you enjoy the picture to the right above. I took it when I visited Puerto Rico in early 2004 with a friend. I think out of all of the pictures that I took then, this one is my favorite! I could not have been more excited when I entered it into a photo contest. It won! Somewhere out there, it is in a coffee table book, on someone's table, or others coffee tables.. I was excited back then.. Oh well.. on to my blog entry..

Ever since I started my new career as a medical transcriptionist, I have discovered the joy of listening to audiobooks on CD. Years ago, I thought that they were kind of boring.. Monotone voices read the shortened books without emotion or passion in their voice. Since I have always absolutely adored reading a good, juicy book, I wanted to read the whole book.. so I would spend countless hours getting lost in the characters in each book, making up the voices for each of the characters in the book.. trying to pronounce the names that were not easy to understand.. Ya know what I mean? I started reading books when I was very small.. around the 2nd grade.. I would beg my mom to buy any of the Bobbsey Twins books that would come out. At Christmas and my birthday, I could almost count on someone in the family giving me a new book that was suited for my age.. I loved the Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew mysteries, some of the Hardy Boys.. (though not as many of them)

Have any of my readers ever grew up imagining themselves living in those fictional families to escape their own home? In the late 60s into the early 70s, it was known that a lot of families were abusive or dysfunctional in some fashion. Mine was no exception. So, I would escape into these fictional books with the loving families.. Where the parents loved their children unconditionally.. where they did not dangle their love in their faces only to retract that same love if they did not do whatever task it was that needed doing at the time. God how I wished for a family like I read about.

Since then, I cannot tell you how many countless books that I have read as I have grown up into womanhood. I don't read them so much these days for an escape, but rather because I truly enjoy reading really well-written books. I really can't get enough time to read as much as I would if I had the illusion of time at my disposal..

**SIGH** I don't.

If you haven't had a chance to read any of Lisa Scottoline's books, do yourself a favor.. Go to your local library and get a few. They are SUPERBLY funny yet have the capability to provide legal thriller emotion as well. Scottoline is an attorney in her previous life. She has created a cast of wonderfully refreshing female attorney characters.. This first book that I am listening to is called "Killer Smile". The main character is attorney Mary Denuncio.. She is something else! After I listened to the first 3 of the 9 CDs in this unabridged audiobook, I promptly went to the library in my county and checked out every single unabridged audiobooks by this author, and then got a wild hair across my butt and checked out the available hardcover books that did not have any available audiobooks in my county library.

The reader of these audiobooks is Barbara Rosenblatt. This woman is an actress by trade, and even if the characters are males, you could not tell it because the woman is so talented in her voices. I just love this reader!
I got hooked on audiobooks through my mom. It started off rather innocently. I was groaning at the thought of my previous assumptions of monotone voices reading some shortened books on cassette tape. Then she pulls out the audiobook, and it had CDs!! What did she do that for??? I haven't owned a cassette player in many, many years.. but CDs!!! I could cover that! She was listening to Nora Roberts..

I had already read many of Nora's books, a lot of her trilogies, and my attention was easy to grab because the reader of those Nora Robert's books also had the ability to use their voice to lend different voice inflections and emotion to each individual character in the book. So, I listened with her.. I was hooked!
Anyway.. back to this audiobook that I am listening to.. You just have to go get this book! I do not think that I have enjoyed a book so much in a really long time! I went through the period of John Grisham books and I lost my thirst for legal thrillers because his books, especially from the time that he wrote The Brethren. I lost interest with that book. I figured that most of the legal thrillers from that point on would not interest me..

Thankfully, I have changed my mind.. Thanks to Lisa Scottoline! I have Jodi Piccoult in my collection of audiobooks to listen to after I am through with Lisa's books.. LOL.. IF I ever finish reading and/or listening to them all!
Anyway.. The book is almost done.. I am listening to the last CD in the "Killer Smile" audiobook.. It did not give away the culprit until the 8th CD. I usually can figure out who the culprit is before the 2nd or 3rd CD plays. Not the case here.. There were so many active characters in this book.. you had to hold on tight to get to the end.. You could not even begin to put the CDs down. I carried the whole book with me when I was driving.. When I was getting up in the morning, like today.. when I was done with work or on a break.

Hehehehe.. my husband just rolls his eyes when I put one in the CD player.. He is still thinking that audiobooks are boring.. He just doesn't realize what he is missing..

Now, HE reads boring books.. LOLOL.. Poor guy.. :) Ya'll have a great day!

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